Sculpture to be created to mark the end of work on St John’s high rise flats

High Rise 3 smallTHE building of a sculpture is planned, to celebrate the end of the work on the St John’s high rise flats.

Victoria Harrison will be constructing the Tudor Rose sculpture, which is set to be erected near Cripplegate House.

Pupils of Dines Green Primary School, of which the Tudor rose is the emblem, will be helping the Malvern based mosaic artist with the creation of the sculpture.

Ms Harrison, who recently completed a mosaic now on show at Henwick House, said: “It’s been a great year involved with so many projects at these flats, it’s been amazing.Community work like this is right up my street.

“It’s been a big change for the flats and it was much needed, it’s great to see.

“When all the work is finished, that area of St John’s will look fantastic.”

St John’s county councillor Richard Udall commissioned the work, providing £2,000 out of his divisional fund to get the project going.

He said the project aims to celebrate the somewhat “stressful” renovation work when it is completed, and could even help reconnect the communities of Dines Green and St John’s.

Cllr Udall said: “The work on the high rise flats has been very stressful for residents. I believe we need to celebrate the end of the works and the completion of the project when it comes around.

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“Many residents who live in the high rise flats formally lived in Dines Green, some have grandchildren at the school. The sculpture will help to reconnect the two communities.

“It will be a colourful addition to the local street scene and will add interest to the area.

“Residents have expressed support and enthusiasm for the project, and I hope they will enjoy what will be a unique sculpture.”

The renovation of the high rise flats is scheduled to be completed on Friday, December 5.

Work is expected to start in January, with the sculpture hoped to be completed in March.

Ms Harrison has been working with students of St Clement’s Primary School, to produce a mosaic mural depicting a narrowboat on the River Severn, with swans swimming alongside it.

The mosaic is scheduled to be completed by early December, and will be displayed on Severn House.