A Northumbrian Childhood

Victoria HarrisonI am from the dramatic untamed beaches of Northumberland. I have always experimented with these sea-worn treasures on a huge variety of surfaces. My interest in mosaic goes back to my childhood when I collected shells, pebbles, curious flotsam and intriguing jetsam.

I grew up in the north east of England where I gained a BA(Hons) Fine Art Degree, specialising in Environmental Sculpture. Whilst a student I continued to find myself drawn to the vitality and versatility of the world of mosaic.

My Inspiration

My love of bold colour and my fascination with the qualities of light and texture are ideally suited to this medium that has, of course, been around for thousands of years.

I was inspired by many ancient mosaics, their capacity to capture a distinctive representation of natural beauty that stands the test of time. My art and love of nature are always evolving, challenging me to look for form and image that is novel, beautiful and timeless.

Living Mosaics

I now run my own business ‘Living Mosaics’ from Malvern in Worcestershire where I now live.

bamm logoI work with schools, mental health institutions and local communities teaching and hopefully inspiring others through my mosaic workshops and courses. It is very satisfying to see students’ self-confidence build and their individual or team creativity develop over time.

I specialise in creating large scale mosaics for walls and garden sculptures.

One of my greatest joys is applying my skills and understanding to enable a newcomer to the medium take pride and pleasure in creating a unique and memorable piece of mosaic art.

Some of My Commissions

My works have been integrated into delightful garden architecture and numerous wall panels which grace private homes all over the country. Much of my work has been commissioned. Amongst my favourites is the piece that forms a water feature in Dilston Physic Garden in Northumberland. It is a three-sided obelisk on a stone pedestal in the centre of a lake.  The sculpture depicts ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ represented by flowers.

Other Commissions, Exhibitions and Projects include:

  • 2011 Off The Wall Gallery, Corbridge, Northumberland.
  • 2011 Dilston Physic Garden, Dilston, Corbridge.
  • 2011 Three Counties Autumn Show
  • 2012 Brink Mosaic Art Trail, Kenilworth, Warwickshire
  • 2012 Tenbury Pyramid of Schools Olympic Games Project
  • 2012 St Richard’s Hospice Artist in Residence – Project funded by Worcestershire County Council Inroads Grant for the Arts Scheme.
  • 2012 BBC Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution, Jinney Ring Craft Centre, Bromsgrove, Worcs.
  • 2012 Herefordshire Arts Trail, Trumpet Corner Gallery, Ledbury.
  • 2012 Jinney Ring Sculpture Trail, Hanbury, Worcestershire.
  • 2012 BAMM (British Association of Modern Mosaic) Musaic Exhibition, St Paul’s Bow, London.
  • 2013 Tenbury and District Swimming Pool Ltd Community Mosaic Project
  • 2013 Saffron Children’s Centre Community Sculpture, Worcester City.
  • 2013 Woodfield Academy, Redditch.
  • 2013 Dilston Physic Garden, Corbridge. Spirit Star.
  • 2014 Worcester Community Housing. High Rise Community Project.
  • 2014 Malvern RHS Spring Festival, Worcestershire.
  • 2014 Great Witley Fayre, Worcestershire.
  • 2014 St Joseph’s R.C. Primary School, Malvern.
  • 2014 Jinney Ring Sculpture Trail, Bromsgrove.
  • 2014 Fortis Living, High Rise Mosaic Community Project, St John’s Worcester.
  • 2015 Exhibition at Painswick Rococo Garden.
  • 2015 Dines Green Primary School, Worcester. St John’s Community Sculpture.
  • 2015 Jinney Ring Sculpture Trail, Bromsgrove.
  • 2015 Chedworth Roman Villa Art Exhibition.
  • 2016 Cripplegate Park, Worcester Unveiling of Poppy Sculpture.
  • 2016 Jinney Ring Sculpture Trail, Bromsgrove.
  • 2017 Abbey Park Middle School, Pershore.
  • 2017 Perryfields Primary PRU, Worcester.
  • 2017 Jinney Ring Sculpture Trail, Bromsgrove.
  • 2018 Perryfields Primary PRU, Worcester.
  • 2018 Westhope College, Craven Arms, Shopshire.
  • 2019 Perryfields Primary PRU, Worcester.
  • 2019 Halesowen Mushroom Trail
  • 2019 Pitmaston Primary School.
  • 2019 The Sutton Park Community Primary School, Kidderminster.
  • 2019 Martley Church of England Primary School.
  • 2019 Pitmaston Primary School, Worcester.
  • 2019 Perryfields Primary PRU, Worcester.
  • 2019 Sutton Park Primary RSA Academy.
  • 2020 Perryfields Primary PRU, Worcester.
  • 2020 Longbridge Plant Memorial Mosaic.
  • 2020 St John’s Worcester Heritage Mosaics
  • 2021 Meco Memorial Garden, St John’s Worcester.
  • 2022 Teigan’s Memorial Mosaic, Coventry.
  • 2022 Herefordshire Art Week.
  • 2022 Take 4 Gallery, Ledbury.
  • 2023 Meco Memorial Sculpture, St. John’s, Worcester
  • 2023 Worcestershire Open Studios