New Sign for St John’s Worcester

My new sign for St John’s, Worcester has been unveiled. It is displayed on the New Road roundabout. City councillors Richard Udall, of St John’s ward, and Alan Amos, of Bedwardine ward, talked about the special meaning of the sign.

Cllr Udall said: “St John’s is known locally as the ‘village in the city’ and it does have its own unique identity. I think this mosaic really helps to distinguish the area from the rest of the city and pays tribute to its rich history.”

Cllr Amos said: “It’s not just a ‘welcome’ sign; it is a striking, bold and colourful artwork which I hope will be enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike. I love it.”

The sign took months to perfect and was previously on display in Worcester Guildhall. The artwork is all about the history of St John’s, which was previously known as the village in the city. It has its entirely own identity which is very important to remember and celebrate.

The mosaic features the local church, as well as various emblems that represent the area. The sign also includes acknowledgement of The Bull Ring and swans which can be found throughout Worcester’s waterways.

The sign also features Ernest Payne, an English track cycling racer that was born in St John’s.